Health and Safety


Atlanta Demolition is fully insured and maintains industry standard coverage for Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability, Excess Liability, Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability, and Pollution and Asbestos coverage. A Sample Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.

We also maintain a $8,000,000 (single project) and $12,000,000 (aggregate) bond line. Bonding at higher levels is available on a per-project, as-needed basis. Our surety is The Gray Casualty & Surety Company.

Our Safety Culture

Atlanta Demolition’s commitment to safety is summarized in one simple statement: “Safety First”.

Safety is an integral part of our success and we pass our safety culture on to everyone associated with our operations. We expect our crews, team members, subcontractors, vendors and clients alike to conform to our safety expectations. The success of this effort is evidenced in our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.82.

“Safety is no accident” is deeply rooted in our management’s continued vigilance to a zero incident performance goal. The foundation for our safety performance is a multifaceted safety program that we constantly review, evaluate and improve. Some of the key elements of our safety program are:

  • Commitment by senior management and ownership to safety excellence
  • Establishment of policies leading to a “zero incident goal”
  • A Corporate Health & Safety Manual (HASM)
  • Behavior Based Safety Observation Program Module
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Standardized Safety Protocols
  • Development of Site Specific Health and Safety Plans (SSHASPs)
  • Thorough Activity Hazard Analysis practices
  • Performance of daily tailgate safety meetings
  • “Near Miss Reporting”
  • Review of “Near Misses” and associated performance of “Root Cause Analyses”
  • Performance of “Job” and “Task Safety Evaluations and Analyses”
  • Continued performance of safety performance analyses
  • Continued training coupled with encouragement for our staff to obtain licenses and credentials

We will gladly provide any and all details of our extensive health and safety policies and protocols upon request.