Jamestown Ponce City Market

Atlanta, Georgia
Ponce City Market from time lapse

Client/ Owner: Gay Construction / Jamestown Properties

Contract/ Value: $1,904,707

After abating the asbestos containing material, we separated and removed the three-story parking lot behind the main City Hall East building, which was under renovation at the time. Later, we came back to finish the site and underground utilities demolition as part of the redevelopment of Atlanta’s City Hall East into Ponce City Market. Then we abated previously undiscovered asbestos in an underground tunnel and have almost finished a significant interior demolition of the 900,000 square foot main building. We’re looking forward to our continued participation in the transformational adaptive reuse of this historic property. We’re keeping a photo gallery of this project on Facebook. We also highly recommend this wonderful “fly through” video of the planned final development.